Morfeas Hotel - Corfu, Greece

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Events Greek Party Night

Here at the Morfeas we strive to give you a Good time and that includes getting a feel for the local culture. What better way to do that, than letting you experience a Greek Party Night like no other!?

So come join the Morfeas Greek Party Night! We're bringing in Laodamas dance troupe, the best the island has to offer! Get ready for Table dancing, Fire dancing, Belly dancing and other traditional and modern Greek dances, accompanied by stylish moves you've never seen before!

You're definitely not just watching though! Be prepared to shout a lot of "OPA!" and join in on the action! Smash plates into the Fire, dance on the tables, dance around the pool “Greek Conga Style” and if you're feeling adventurous, dive and win a bottle of Prosecco!

We're not done though. We're topping it all off with a massive Greek style BBQ feast, to take care of your appetite. All cooked to perfection, right in front of your eyes!

At the Morfeas we plan on turning you Greek for the rest of your stay! OPA!