Morfeas Hotel - Corfu, Greece

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Restaurant Morfeas

The Restaurant Morfeas is the ideal place to enjoy your evening meal. The great music and well decorated area create a lovely atmosphere. Enjoy your meal outdoors, on our modern terrace, and watch the world go by in the afternoon breeze, or stay indoors, under the cool blast of the AC.

Our menu is extensive, including both Greek and International cuisine. Being a family run hotel, we emphasize on quality. Our chef heads out himself three times a week to select the freshest ingredients to prepare your meals with. Our portions are guaranteed to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites!

Our amazing deals and competitive pricing make the Restaurant Morfeas the perfect way to satisfy your hunger and get the energy you need


The Morfeas Bar is probably the best place to start and end your night in Kavos!

In the early evening the mood is chilled, so that everyone can enjoy their drinks and meals while listening to music or maybe even watching the major events on TV. In the night though, things change completely! Our resident DJ will be there with the rest of the team to keep you entertained. The volume goes up, the spotlights come on and the fun begins! Great tunes and a different event every night are guaranteed to please every taste!

Two things make the Morfeas Bar truly special. First of all, the fact it’s the only 24/7 bar in Kavos. No matter what time you venture out, or come back, you will find someone serving. And second of all, the quality of our drinks! We serve only the finest local and imported alcohol at competitive prices, with seriously good deals during our Happy Hour!