Morfeas Hotel - Corfu, Greece

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Events Pool Party

There are Pool Parties then there are POOL PARTIES!! Weve been throwing THE BEST pool party since 1997! You simply cant stay at Morfeas and not be at THE pool party!

Join us around the busiest pool of Kavos for the night! Top DJs will be smashing the decks, playing the best summer anthems and setting the mood for the mad games of the night! Get ready to walk on water or belly flop into it!  There are alcoholic prizes to be won and all sorts of games to play, so dont shy out! Lets not forget the highlight of the night: Miss Kavos!

No party is complete without fresh food though! Enjoy our Massive mouth-watering BBQ, thats cooked right in front of your eyes!

The Morfeas Pool Party will no doubt be the best night of your holiday! Dont take our word for it though. Search the web and youll know what we mean!